What insulin does the InPen use?

The pen injector is compatible with Lilly Humalog® U-100 3.0 mL cartridges, Novo Nordisk Novolog® U-100 3.0 mL cartridges, and Novo Nordisk Fiasp® U-100 3.0 mL cartridges and single-use detachable and disposable pen needles (not included).

Does InPen work with Lantus?

It does have a screen on the cap, which displays last dose and amount left in the pen. Gocap’s compatibility is currently limited to Lantus (long-acting) and Apidra (mealtime) insulin pens, and NovoLog is expected to be added by this October. The smart cap is available for $75 in the US through a Beta program.

How does Medtronic InPen work?

It collects insulin dosing data and transmits it to the Companion app that includes a dose calculator to recommend your dosages (like a pump’s built-in bolus calculator) and also calculates and displays real-time active insulin on board (IOB).

Does InPen work with dexcom?

The InPen app is compatible with Dexcom® G5/Dexcom® G6 through Apple Health. There is currently a 3-hour delay with visualizing your Dexcom CGM data in the InPen app.

How many units is an InPen cartridge?

Note that the InPen can deliver a maximum of 30 units per injection, so if your regular doses are more than that, you’ll have to split them into multiple doses.

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How do I know if my insulin pen is empty?

Press the injection button. You should see a drop of insulin on the tip of the pen. If you do not see a drop, change the needle and repeat this step. If you do not see a drop after you repeat this step 3 times, use a new pen.

What is InPen for Humalog?

The InPen is a reusable smart insulin pen that uses Bluetooth® technology to send dose information to a mobile app. Offering support with dose calculations and tracking, InPen helps take some of the mental math out of your diabetes management. Get started with InPen today!

How do you get an InPen prescription?

How to prescribe InPen. Prescribing InPen has never been easier. Option 2: Complete this form and email it to rx@companionmedical.com or fax to 877-444-2373.

Can you share InPen data?

Patients can share their InPen data with you at any time. See when and how much your patients are dosing, and get full visibility into their blood glucose and carb intake. At their next appointment, you can collaborate and identify new ways to achieve their goals.

How long does InPen last?

Each InPen is reusable for one year.

Do you have to prime an insulin pen every time?

Priming means removing air bubbles from the needle, and ensures that the needle is open and working. The pen must be primed before each injection. To prime the insulin pen, turn the dosage knob to the 2 units indicator.

Does InPen integrate with Bluetooth meters?

If your blood glucose meter is Bluetooth-compatible and you use an Apple device, you can connect your meter to the InPen app. This will make your BG data visible in the InPen app.

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