Is Walmart insulin bad?

The retail giant famously already sells outdated insulin for $25 a vial. While it’s not safe to switch between modern and old insulin—people have died while getting used to the different dosing—it’s still alarmingly common; one study found that nearly 18,000 vials of past-its-prime insulin are sold daily in the U.S.

Does Walmart insulin work?

For people without insurance, ReliOn NovoLog is up to 75% cheaper than competing products. Walmart offers two other types of low-cost insulin through their ReliOn brand, which are made with an older technology.

Key Takeaways.

Characteristics of Different Insulin Types Rapid-acting
15 minutes
2 to 4 hours
After 1 hour

Who makes Walmart insulin?

ReliOn is Walmart’s brand for diabetes products, and NovoLog is Novo Nordisk insulin – Walmart is selling ReliOn NovoLog at a lower price to make insulin more affordable. You may be familiar with Novolin ReliOn, Walmart’s $25 human insulin.

What is the Walmart brand insulin?

The new private label ReliOn™ NovoLog® Insulin (insulin aspart) injection, manufactured by Novo Nordisk, is available in Walmart pharmacies this week, and Sam’s Club pharmacies in mid-July across the United States.

Does Walmart make their own insulin?

Walmart announced on Tuesday that it will begin selling its own brand of insulin to make the life-saving medicine more affordable.

Is OTC insulin safe?

For example, OTC is a good option if you’re out of insulin in an emergency or while traveling, says Goldstein. In this case, contact your healthcare provider immediately about how to use these insulins. “They are safe and effective, when used properly with the correct supervision,” says Goldstein.

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Is ReliOn insulin safe?

ReliOn is a safe and effective option for people who can’t afford prescription insulin, according to Dr. Todd Hobbs, the chief medical officer for ReliOn maker Novo Nordisk. Patients should work with a medical professional when switching to over-the-counter human insulin products such as ReliOn, Hobbs said.