How does diabetes affect someone’s daily life?

If blood glucose stays high for too long, diabetes can damage the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves over time, causing chronic problems and premature death.

How does diabetes affect the daily life?

How does diabetes affect my body? When diabetes is not well controlled, the level of sugar in your blood goes up. High blood sugar can cause damage to many parts of your body, including your eyes, heart, feet, nerves, and kidneys. Diabetes can also cause high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries.

How does diabetes affect social life?

Sometimes, people may feel anxious, and may experience stress and diabetes. Hypo anxiety, for instance, means fearing situations in which you might get low blood sugar – a fear that might make a person want to avoid social situations.

How does diabetes affect a person?

Potential complications of diabetes and frequent comorbidities include: Heart and blood vessel disease. Diabetes is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and narrowing of blood vessels (atherosclerosis). Nerve damage (neuropathy) in limbs.

Does diabetes affect quality of life?

Diabetes can impact your quality of life in many ways. Physical symptoms like fatigue or the pain of neuropathy are one way. Mental symptoms such as depression over lost health or fear of future complications are another.

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How does diabetes affect a person’s family?

Poorly managed diabetes can lead to serious problems such as loss of eyesight, kidney disease, nerve damage, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. Many family members express at least some level of anxiety regarding the wellbeing of their loved one living with diabetes.

How does type 2 diabetes affect daily living?

Mental health and diabetes

Living with and managing either type 1 or type 2 diabetes can lead to stress, anxiety and depression. This can affect your blood glucose levels and how you manage your diabetes in general. Over time, this can affect your health.

How does type 2 diabetes affect someone’s lifestyle?

For example, living with type 2 diabetes means you’re at increased risk of complications such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and foot problems. Good self-care is key to managing the condition effectively and reducing your risk of complications.

What are the short term effects of diabetes?

Short-term complications include frequent urination, increased thirst, blurred vision, fatigue and headache. Keeping tight control of your blood sugar is one of the most important things a diabetic patient needs to do to avoid more serious complications from developing.

How can diabetes improve quality of life?

5 ways of improving your quality of life if you have diabetes

  1. Set yourself achievable targets. …
  2. Be in control. …
  3. Eat a healthy diet. …
  4. Get regular exercise. …
  5. Mindfulness.