Are oral diabetes medications safe during pregnancy?

Insulin is the gold standard for treatment of hyperglycemia during pregnancy, when lifestyle measures do not maintain glycemic control during pregnancy. However, recent studies have suggested that certain oral hypoglycemic agents (metformin and glyburide) may be safe and be acceptable alternatives.

Is it safe to take diabetes medicine while pregnant?

Insulin and diabetes pills

All three methods are safe for pregnant women. If you have type 1 diabetes, pregnancy will affect your insulin treatment plan. During the months of pregnancy, your body’s need for insulin will go up.

Why are oral hypoglycemic agents not used during pregnancy?

Historically, reports of potential fetal teratogenicity and hypoglycemic effects on the fetus contraindicated the use of oral hypoglycemic agents in pregnancies complicated with either type II diabetes mellitus (DM) or gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).

Can you take oral medication for gestational diabetes?

IN BRIEF The oral agents glyburide and metformin are both recommended by many professional societies for the treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).

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Which diabetic medication is contraindicated in pregnancy?

Specifically, there are concerns regarding chlorpropamide like inducing neonatal hypoglycemia, and retrospective case control studies identified threefold increase in congenital anomalies in babies of Type 2 diabetes patients exposed to these drugs during the organogenesis period, and hence they are not recommended in …

Does metformin harm the baby?

However, the results of the few studies that have been carried out so far into the effects of taking metformin during pregnancy have been positive. A 2014 review posted to Human Reproduction Update found that the drug did not cause birth defects, complications, or diseases.

Does metformin pass through placenta?

The passage of metformin from mother to offspring. Metformin is becoming a popular agent to control insulin resistance before and during pregnancy. However, unlike insulin, metformin can pass through the placenta, likely via the organic cation transporters (OCTs).

Are oral hypoglycemics safe in pregnancy?

Currently both glyburide and metformin are classified by FDA as Category B drugs in pregnancy. The oral hypoglycemic agents are safe options in gestational diabetes mellitus. They are promising options in low resource countries.

Is metformin used for gestational diabetes?

Results: Metformin appears to be effective and safe for the treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), particularly for overweight or obese women.

What pregnancy category is metformin?

Metformin has also been used extensively in patients of infertility with PCOS; as a result many patients continued it inadvertently in first trimester of pregnancy therefore having large safety data in pregnancy. Metformin too categorized as US FDA pregnancy category B, at par with insulin.

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How early do you deliver with gestational diabetes?

Expert recommendations suggest that women with uncomplicated GDM take their pregnancies to term, and deliver at 38 weeks gestation [6].

Is metformin safe during pregnancy?

Metformin has a very low risk of birth defects and complications for your baby, making this drug safe to take before and during pregnancy. Metformin is also safe to take while breastfeeding your child.

Can gestational diabetes be treated without insulin?

Eating healthy foods and getting plenty of exercise may be all you need to control your blood sugar levels during your pregnancy. But when that’s not enough, you may need to take insulin, too. Insulin is a hormone that helps your cells take in and use glucose.

Which is an appropriate choice for hypertension treatment during pregnancy?

If restarting drug therapy in women with chronic hypertension, methyldopa is recommended as first line therapy. For emergency treatment in preeclampsia, IV hydralazine, labetalol and oral nifedipine can be used [1].

Can I take glipizide when pregnant?

Risk Summary: Drug associated risks for major birth defects, miscarriage, or adverse maternal outcomes have not been identified with use of this drug during pregnancy, however, this drug crosses the placenta and has been associated with neonatal adverse reactions such as hypoglycemia; poorly controlled diabetes in …