Frequent question: What happens if you use old insulin?

Using insulin past the manufacturer’s expiration date can cause your blood glucose to be higher than expected if you stick to the same dosing you’ve been using all along. High blood sugar can cause symptoms like thirst, fatigue, blurry vision and a frequent need to urinate.

Can you take expired insulin?

Using expired insulin is absolutely not recommended and should only be done if you have no other option. The effectiveness of insulin degrades over time and it’s impossible to predict how well expired insulin will work – or if it will even work at all!

Can old insulin harm you?

Yes, insulin does expire

“It will go bad because it won’t be effective to manage blood glucose levels anymore.” Specifically, this is because insulin proteins break down over time. Expired insulin won’t make you sick, but it will be less effective, and it can be dangerous to use.

How long after insulin expires can you use it?

Opened vials, whether or not refrigerated, must be used within 28 days. They must be discarded if not used within 28 days. If refrigeration is not possible, the open vial in use can be kept unrefrigerated for up to 28 days in a place away from direct heat and light, as long as the temperature is not >86°F (30°C).

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What are the symptoms of bad insulin?

Are There Symptoms of Hypoglycemia or Warning Signs of Insulin Shock?

  • Dizziness.
  • Irritability.
  • Moodiness or sudden changes in behavior.
  • Hunger.
  • Shakiness.
  • Sweating.
  • Rapid heart beat.

Can insulin lose its effectiveness?

If stored incorrectly, insulin may lose its potency or become ineffective entirely. This can lead to hyperglycemia while using the affected insulin, and eventual hypoglycemia as a patient readjusts to “full-strength” insulin. Dr.

Is insulin injection lifetime?

“It will cause disruption in your life.” While a course of insulin takes some getting used to, a person can enjoy a full and active life, as long as they stick to their insulin schedule. “Insulin injections cause pain.” Many people have a phobia of needles.

How long will Lantus insulin last?

insulin glargine (Lantus), lasts up to 24 hours. insulin detemir (Levemir), lasts 18 to 23 hours. insulin glargine (Toujeo), lasts more than 24 hours. insulin degludec (Tresiba), lasts up to 42 hours.

When does NPH insulin expire?


Insulin Name Expiration Upon Opening or Removing from Refrigerator
Regular Insulin; Isophane NPH (Humulin 70/30) 31 days
Regular Insulin (Humulin R) 100 units/mL 31 days
Regular Insulin (Humulin R) 500 units/mL 40 days
Insulin Aspart (Novolog) 28 days

Does insulin really go bad after 28 days?

A: Your insulin might still be good after the expiration date on the box, or after 28 days at room temperature, but it’s not guaranteed to be good. I know some people who don’t have health insurance and have to pay out-of-pocket for all of their insulin do continue to use insulin past the recommended times.

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How long is insulin unrefrigerated?

Insulin products contained in vials or cartridges supplied by the manufacturers (opened or unopened) may be left unrefrigerated at a temperature between 59°F and 86°F for up to 28 days and continue to work.

Does insulin make you gain weight?

Weight gain is a common side effect for people who take insulin — a hormone that regulates the absorption of sugar (glucose) by cells. This can be frustrating because maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of your overall diabetes management plan.

How long can a Type 2 diabetic go without insulin?

For someone like yourself, who indicated that you have had diabetes for more than 10 years, you MIGHT be able to live for 7 to 10 or so days without insulin. But, the death would be awful and difficult and not peaceful.

At what sugar level is diabetic coma?

A diabetic coma could happen when your blood sugar gets too high — 600 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or more — causing you to become very dehydrated. It usually affects people with type 2 diabetes that isn’t well-controlled.

What happens if I don’t take my insulin shot?

Without enough insulin, your blood sugar will increase. High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) can make you feel unwell. It can lead to emergencies such as diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) Ketones are made when the body uses fat for energy instead of sugar.