Can chemotherapy cause hypoglycemia?

Although mild hypoglycemia is a common adverse effect of chemotherapy, severe hypoglycemia is rare [3]. We report the case of a child with ALL who developed severe nocturnal hypoglycemia during maintenance chemotherapy, possibly caused by the oral administration of 6-MP.

Does chemo cause low blood sugar?

If you have diabetes, when you have chemotherapy treatment, there is a risk that your blood sugar level may get too high or too low. This is because of the side effects of chemotherapy, such as sickness, diarrhoea and loss of appetite.

Can cancer cause low blood sugar levels?

Tumors: Rarely, a tumor in a part of the body other than the pancreas can cause hypoglycemia. Severe illness: Some diseases, such as cancer, can affect many organs, including the pancreas. This can lead to hypoglycemia.

What can trigger hypoglycemia?

Common causes of diabetic hypoglycemia include:

  • Taking too much insulin or diabetes medication.
  • Not eating enough.
  • Postponing or skipping a meal or snack.
  • Increasing exercise or physical activity without eating more or adjusting your medications.
  • Drinking alcohol.

Does chemotherapy cause hyperglycemia?

Hyperglycemia during chemotherapy occurs in approximately 10% to 30% of patients. Glucocorticoids and L-asparaginase are well known to cause acute hyperglycemia during chemotherapy.

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How does chemo affect blood sugar?

Radiation therapy, steroids and some types of chemotherapy may impact your blood sugar levels. And uncontrolled high blood sugar can lead to dehydration, which is a frequent side effect of chemotherapy. Taking extra care to manage your blood sugar levels can help you stay hydrated and feel better during treatment.

What should you not do if your blood sugar is low?

Do Not Drive When You Have Low Blood Sugar

Wait at least 15 minutes, check your blood sugar, and repeat these steps if necessary. Eat a protein and carbohydrate source (such as peanut butter crackers or cheese and crackers) before you drive on. Be prepared. Keep a sugar source in your car at all times for emergencies.

What is the best thing to eat when your blood sugar is low?

Good choices are a piece of fruit, a few whole wheat crackers, a glass of milk, or a carton of yogurt. In people with diabetes, hypoglycemia can come on suddenly and needs to be treated right away so it doesn’t get worse. Eat or drink a quickly digested carbohydrate food, such as: ½ cup fruit juice.

Can chemo cause insulin resistance?

Treatment with cancer therapeutics such as glucocorticoids, chemotherapy, hormonal therapies and targeted drugs can actually induce insulin resistance.

Does fluorouracil increase blood sugar?

Results: Fasting blood glucose level was significantly higher in the 5-FU group than that in the control group [(7.6±0.9) mmol/L vs. (4.6±0.6) mmol/L at day 2; (8.9±1.0) mmol/L vs.

Can lymphoma cause high glucose?

This study found that 30 years after treatment for adolescent and adult Hodgkin lymphoma (HL), 8.3% of survivors had developed diabetes mellitus (DM), a significantly higher rate than in the general population.

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