Best answer: Can a diabetic patient eat Revital?

Ans. Revital H is sugar-free and is therefore safe for diabetics.

What is the best vitamin supplement for diabetics?

Using Supplements for Diabetes Treatment

  • Cinnamon.
  • Chromium. Chromium is an essential trace element. …
  • Vitamin B-1. Vitamin B-1 is also known as thiamine. …
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid. Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is a potent antioxidant. …
  • Bitter Melon. …
  • Green Tea. …
  • Resveratrol.
  • Magnesium.

Does multivitamin affect diabetes?

According to the American Diabetes Association’s Standards of Medical Care, people with diabetes get no extra benefits from taking a multivitamin, compared to people without diabetes. Any supplement or vitamin that is recommended for the general public is also recommended for people with diabetes.

What vitamins should diabetics avoid?

Supplements may cause unwelcome—or dangerous—side effects, especially if they interact with your medications.

John’s wort, or niacin.

  • Chromium. A chromium deficiency may lead to high blood sugar levels. …
  • Vitamin E & St. John’s Wort. …
  • Niacin.

Who can take Revital?

Revital H Woman Tablets are specially formulated for the prevention and treatment of vitamin and mineral deficiencies for adults over 45 years of age.

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Is Zincovit good for diabetics?

Zincovit tablets can be used a nutritional supplement and aids in the absorption of calcium by the body as well. Zincovit Tablets recommended as a dietary supplement that provides nutritional support in cardiac, diabetic, tubercular and rheumatic patients as well as those suffering from acute and chronic diseases.

Is turmeric Good for diabetes?

Because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, turmeric supplements may help with blood sugar management in people with type 2 diabetes. (You can also rest assured that turmeric is low-carb, so adding it to your plate or supplements regimen won’t throw your blood sugar levels out of whack.)

Is Vitamin C good for diabetics?

A new study from Deakin University has found that taking 500mg of vitamin C twice daily can help those with type 2 diabetes by lowering elevated blood sugar levels across the day and minimising spikes in blood sugar after meals.

Can diabetic take Becosules?

Q: Is Becosules z can be given to diabetics? A: Becosules Z is an effective nutritional supplement but is advisable to consult a doctor before giving it to diabetic patients.

Is B complex safe for diabetics?

-Yes, diabetic patients are advised to take B complex tables for better functioning of the body. -Ideal recommended dose of B complex is consisting of 1.5 mg of B1, 25 mg of B2, 75 mg of B6, 2.5 mg of folic acid, 150 mcg of B12 and 300 mcg of biotin.

Which Leaf is good for diabetes?

Mango leaves have the capability to improve insulin production and distribution of glucose. They can help in stabilising blood sugar levels. Mango leaves are also loaded with pectin, vitamin C and fibre. Together they are beneficial for both diabetes and cholesterol.

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Is Vitamin D good for diabetics?

Vitamin D supplementation may help lower average blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes; and is especially effective in people who also have a vitamin D deficiency, and are non-obese and deficient. Supplementation for more than 12 weeks at ≥ 1000 IU/day may be most beneficial.

Can diabetes take iron tablets?

verified that hepcidin levels increased significantly in patients with type 2 diabetes. Our data suggest that the interaction between iron supplementation and diabetes triggers changes in iron homeostasis, contributing to a lower absorption, resulting in lower iron levels in serum and liver.

Does Revital have side effects?

Revital Tablet is a Tablet manufactured by Sun Pharma Laboratories Ltd. It is commonly used for the diagnosis or treatment of Improves immunity, improves mental alertness, improves health, immunity. It has some side effects such as nausea, loss of appetite, stomach cramps, constipation.

Is Revital a Veg or non veg?

It’s a non veg medicine.

Can I take Revital daily?

With H connoting ‘Health’, Revital H is positioned as daily health supplement for overall health and wellbeing. It is a complete and balanced daily health supplement that contains 11 vitamins, 9 minerals & ginseng.